Printed Lite Version of MAMI Musical Scales Atlas for Piano Notes Chords and Scales Studies Book

Printed Lite Version of MAMI Musical Scales Atlas for Piano Notes Chords and Scales Studies Book


Buy the Printed 74 page MAMI Music Scales Atlas “Lite” Book for Piano Notes, Chords
and Scales Charts Diagrams, plus creative studies.

The World-Famous reference that you’ll use for life! Contains 45 essential scales: 9 arpeggios (9 arps: in C Root only), 15 pentatonics (15 pents: in C Root only), 21 scales (21 scales: in C Root only) that are uniquely diagrammed, plus thoroughly analyzed.

Keyboard diagrams revealing both note + interval degrees plus the
revolutionary “Matrix Cube” system analyzes scales in 8-ways for potential applications.
Scalar musical options are completely explored via the M.A.M.I. visual format.

Music sight reading is not necessary with M.A.M.I. Scale Atlases: they’re designed
uniquely to help you study, explore and create music in a logical, efficient + personal
way…at a glance…on your instrument.

Aspiring students of all levels and styles will
find an increase in their abilities to create musical ideas; getting “ahead of the curve”
…to the next level…faster with M.A.M.I.

Top teachers use our Atlases: their visual
guide to help students explore, find creativity + to reinforce musical logic.

Purchase now + start moving forward!


Play Music Scales, Modes and Chords creatively on your Keyboard Instrument with M.A.M.I.
Musical Scale and Modes Atlases!

The world-famous, one-of-a-kind integrated scale references
that are uniquely optimized for improvisation and composition on your instrument.

***Who they are for?***

Any Keyboardist ready to have a logical system for using scales and
modes on your instrument creatively.

Whether beginner through advanced…you simply want
(need!) to find, hear and play new things… and get better!

You are a pioneer, an aspiring
legend that is ready to think, improvise and compose in your own distinctive way.
Boldly, differently, creatively: pushing the state of the art of music forward, regardless
of style!

You are a forward thinking instructor or teacher who embraces the best concepts and materials because your students deserve the best.

***What they are***

The ultimate scale reference book for music instrumentalists and theorists! They are completely unique and represent a brave new world; helping to stimulate your music knowledge, logic and creativity.***

Our “Matrix Approach” system and format is radically different than any that already exists. Step out of the comfort zone for an instant and ask yourself one question: how would we help you develop your creative thinking if we had none ourselves???

Like a road atlas for your car, our M.A.M.I. Musical Scale and Modes
Atlases do not tell you where to go, how fast, or how far to drive your “vehicle”: which is your instrument.

***Instead: why they were developed, why they are better and what fosters creativity is that they allow you to see all potential melodic and harmonic musical options that are present within each scale.***

You can then logically and easily apply the scale note’s arpeggios, chords, and modal elements to create your
own unique music on your instrument as your expanding taste dictates.

You’ll have a system, the ability, as well as the logic to use music scales to create your
own unique compositional or improvisational journeys that reflect your art!***

The key is to spend a few moments to grasp our Matrix Approach to Improvisation concept …
you’ll start thinking creatively “out of the box”, using our boxes (the M.A.M.I. Cubes)

So you ask: are we serious?
Yes…The real question is: are you???!!!

All that is left to say:
***M.A.M.I. Musical Scale Atlases..the concept, the benefits… ***

People “get it”, get ’em and get better… Will you???



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