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Whether Student or Teacher, our Free Piano, Bass, Guitar Notes, Chords + Scales Charts Diagrams, plus Books, Audio + Video tutorials WILL HELP YOU TO BETTER LEARN, PLUS CREATE on your Instrument!

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MAMI Musical Scales Atlases are SERIOUS Reference Books!

A MAMI "Complete" Musical Scales Atlas Book. Check it out: it is FAT!

The above video is opening a just delivered MAMI Musical Scales Atlas "Complete" (580 pages) Printed Book version for Piano / Keyboard Instruments.

It also comes with a free Bonus Disk containing an extensive Tutorial Video, 45 Diatonic Scale Audio Files, plus the Leadsheets for these compositions in PDF format.

Just an amazing, unique musical instrument reference and resource for life: start creating NEW MUSIC today!

View More: an extensive tutorial linked below...

MAMI Creator

Richard "Spock" Armstrong
M.A.M.I.... the Matrix Approach to Music Improvisation... is reference material intended to help students plus teachers find new paths and unique ideas.

If your goal is to more easily find and creatively experiment with scale note melodic, modal, plus harmonic / chordal ideas on Piano, Bass and Guitar, then MAMI is YOUR tool.

By experimenting with scale potentials with M.A.M.I. ... so to find new musical, ideas, flavors and expressions... it becomes possible, plus easier to continually grow. as well as evolve musically.

To increase both your instrumental... along with composition... skills, as well as to supercharge your improvisational capabilities.

The "Madman" who created the M.A.M.I. Analysis Concept shares some ideas on the MAMIMUSIC YouTube Channel and shares some other ideas on the web at

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Welcome to MAMI!

Thank you so much for your interest and any / all of your support over these many years. This is my first post on this new site format and I want to try to clear up a couple of things about my intentions for the M.A.M.I. Concept. What M.A.M.I. is. Also to provide some areas of value that I perceive using such a resource for study... plus teaching... that it can bring to its [Read More...]

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